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Terms and Conditions

Some simple rules to make everyone's stay at TravelHell! more bearable.

To borrow some wisdom from JD "Iliad" Frazer (of User Friendly fame):

Don't make the forums (or any other part of TravelHell!) a bad place.

That means, don't make it bad place for yourself, nor anyone else who uses the site.

Below are some examples to clarify that point. We'll update the list as needed.

Play nicely with others

There's no need to troll or flame anyone. Direct and/or personal attacks are not allowed.

Keep it clean

Yes, travel makes you want to swear a blue streak... and maybe you've encountered a passenger whom you could best describe in anatomical terms.

Nonetheless, aim a little higher than low-brow. We don't want TravelHell! to be classified a cesspool, and who knows? Maybe an airline or hotel rep will see your complaints and take them seriously. (Well, maybe not, but humour us, please!)

Protect your own anonymity

If you want to remain anonymous, here's a tip: choose a silly user name that's nothing like your own.

Here's another tip: avoid including any personally identifiable information in your comments or posts.

No ads

We're not a host for free ads!

You want to post an advert or commercial link on TravelHell! -- great, use the contact form to let us know. Don't put them in your comments or forum posts.