Because getting there is not fun.


Yes, we here at TravelHell have been on the road so long, we've devised our own vernacular. Our patois, if you will.

We're slowly adding to the list, so feel free to check back now and then.

airplane arse -- the lower-back pain and numbness in your rear end inflicted by an extended stay in an airplane seat. (Also known as airplane ass or even mile-high hiney)

"Overall my flight was fine ... but when I finally stood up I realized I had a severe case of airplane arse."

black swan -- plane crash. For reasons of superstition, this phrase should only be used when not on an airplane.

Usually used in parting wishes to a traveler, as in, "Have a safe flight. No black swans, dude."

Also used to describe a harrowing event: "Are they sure that bone-jarring shake was just turbulence? I swore we were gonna black swan!"

shite flight -- a flight you could have done without.

Trivia: ShiteFlight was TravelHell's original name.