The skies are friendly; the passengers are not

Summer Reading, part 2

Mon, 2009/09/07 - 12:07 by aargh

More cheating -- erm, summer reading.

"15 Brilliant, Bad and Downright Strange Plans to Save Airlines"

Not sure I agree with all of these, but at least people are willing to think about it.

I strongly believe innovation is the key. The right type of innovation, that is:

- Customer-side innovation to retain and attract passengers

- Technology and business innovations to make the airlines run more efficiently

These may sound like business-school cliches but ask yourself how they came to be cliches in the first place?

To simply nickel-and-dime customers is a short-sighted idea. Think of gambler who keeps looking for items he can pawn off, or the person living check-to-check who juggles credit to make ends meet.

(and to dress up the fees in a fancy term "a la carte" is just an insult.)